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Organic ingredients of the highest quality combined with the flavours of traditional Venetian cuisine: in a word, Venetika.

The two Venetian owners, Marino and Raffaele (Lele) share a passion for fresh, local produce that, over the years, has become a way of life.

Founders of the renowned restaurant Ristoteca Oniga in Campo San Barnaba (now under new management), they decided to reopen a historic restaurant in the city located between the Misericordia and the Ghetto, still a vibrant area of the city.

Bacala - cicchetti Hostaria Venetika

Hostaria Venetika cicchetti

Lele and Marino’s concept of hospitality – the idea of food as a convivial experience, the use of authentic ingredients that promote well-being, and the deep-rooted connection these Venetian restaurateurs have with their city – inspired them to open Venetika.

Venetika Restaurant Venice - logo


Why ‘Venetika’?

The restaurant’s name was arrived at after careful consideration. Lele and Marino, with close ties to their Venetian roots, wanted to recall the ancient origins of Maritime Venice: in Latin, Venetia maritima, in Greek Venetikà – a territory of the Byzantine Empire framed within the exarchate of Italy, corresponding to the coastal strip of ancient Venetia, now the coastline of today’s Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions.

The two restaurateurs have strong connections with this area and have rediscovered local ingredients and flavours closely linked to its history.

Venetika Restaurant Venice - logo

Wines of Friuli - Venetika Venezia

Our Philosophy

The Venetika idea of hospitality – of food as a fusion of different worlds, of cooking with locally sourced ingredients, of sustainable products, of good wine, of conviviality – has its roots in the traditions of Venice and the hinterland.

Their great love for their city and passion for food have led Marino and Lele to develop a philosophy of life centred on sustainability and the agriculture of the surrounding territory.

The historical links with the Triveneto, and especially with the coastlines of the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, are reflected in the aromas and flavours of the highest quality food and excellent wine, which characterize this part of the Bel Paese.

This gave rise to the idea of offering a simple menu, anchored in tradition, but that is also attentive to the wholesomeness of the cuisine, focusing on local agriculture and fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients.

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